Nourish Shampoo Bar- Tea Tree and Green Clay

Nourish Shampoo Bar- Tea Tree and Green Clay

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This soothing shampoo bar is moisturizing to the scalp and hair - great for oily hair! These nourishing essential oils will leave your hair healthy and soft. It can also help in treating fungal, bacterial, and microbial scalp conditions. We added Green Clay to this bar to help combat oily hair. Enjoy!

Shoshanna says: “We love using this bar on our kids getting ready for the school year and to ward off head lice.”

Our Shampoo Bars are safe for colored treated hair, it will soften your hair and leave it with a beautiful shine!

Reduce your plastic use!

Using a Shampoo Bar & Conditioner Bar will save 3 bottles of shampoo and up to 3 bottles of conditioner. They will last 60-100 uses depending on the length and texture of your hair.

Ingredients to Love

  • Cocoa Butter is a healthy fat extracted from cocoa beans. This natural fat deeply moisturizes the hair, helps to make hair strong and healthy, prevents hair loss, can help heal damaged hair, and helps make hair more manageable.
  • Coconut Oil is extracted from fresh coconuts. It contains antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. It soothes dry scalp and also helps to cut down on frizz.