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Rajola 3100-312-10
18kt necklace COCO white gray gold pearls hematite gold
Rajola 54-658-1318
Vita bracelet paste turquoise pearls hematite silv. Mop gold
Rajola 54-658-12
Vita Necklace green agate w silver hematite pearls
Rajola 54-658-9CJ
VITA Necklace 2stds onyx pearls white silver hem.gold cm45
Rajola 54-400-218
Lucilla bracelet pearl grey hematite w. Gold
Rajola 54-400-2
Lucilla necklace hematite pearl grey w. Gold
Rajola 54-302-4918
Bloom bracelet 5f. Onix coral grey pearls hematite gold
Rajola 54-302-49X
Bloom necklace 6f onxi grey pearls coral hematite gold
Rajola Bracelet 54-658-918P
Bracelet VITA onyx pearls white silver hematite gold b 
Rajola Bracelet 54-383-1018
Bracelet GALA 5f blue agate pearls he at mop white gold
Rajola Necklace 54-384-10C
Necklace GALA 5F blue agat. Aquam. Pearls silv. Hemat gold 
Rajola Bracelet 54-645-1218
Bracelet GRETA 5f onyx pink hematite gold. 
Rajola Bracelet 54-658-618
Rajola Vita Satin Hematite/Pearls/Mother of Pearl/Gold Bracelet 
Rajola Necklace 54-395-1G
Rajola Calypso Green Hematite/Green and Moss Agate Mother of Pearl/Gold Necklace 
Rajola Bracelet 54-395-118
Rajola Calypso Green Hematote/Green and Moss Agate Mother of Pearl/Gold Bracelet 
Rajola Necklace 54-649-2
Rajola Infinity White Pearls/Hematite/Silver Mother of Pearl/Gold Necklace 
Rajola Bracelet 54-649-818
Rajola Infinity Silver Hematite/Onyx/Gold Bracelet 
Rajola Bracelet 54-247-2118D
Rajola  Lucille 24 Strand Hematite/Turquoise Paste/Gold Bracelet 
Rajola Necklace 54-247-21
Rajola Lucilla 12Strand Hematite/Turquoise Paste/Gold Necklace 
Rajola Necklace 54-354-5
Mistero Sciacca Tresor coral hematite pen shell Necklace
Rajola Earrings 54-349-8OR
Niagara Fresh Water Pearl earrings. Hematite, White Pasta, Pearls Biwa.
Rajola Ring 3100-310-1W
Charlotte White Fresh Water Pearl/White Gold ring
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