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HELLE NORWAY- Fjellkniven 12 Knife
Fjellkniven offers simplicity and elegance in a neat package. A knife with heritage from the “tur” traditions of Norway. (Tur = Weekend hikes in the mountains.) The first design of Fjellkniven dates back to 1934. This is the fourth version. In...
HELLE NORWAY - Arv Knife in Curly Birch, Staghorn, and Leather
The Arv knife is worthy of its name and heritage. In Norwegian, the name means inheritance – truly appropriate for a treasured item to be passed down for generations. Just like the methods used in its making. Arv is a versatile,...
HELLE NORWAY - Skog in Beechwood
Helle Skog is a modern take on a classic carving knife and a step-in knife to start enjoy the relaxation when creating something from a piece of wood. Wood carving has become more and more popular in an increasingly frantic...
HELLE NORWAY- Raud M Folding Knife
Raud (Red) combines the durability and usability of the classic Scandinavian work knives – an important part of Helle history. This year we add more folding knives to the same concept. Raud M is slightly bigger than the S version,...
HELLE NORWAY - Eggen 12C27 in Curly Birch
The Eggen is one of our most sought after products. This fall we add the Eggen 12C27 − same design and feel, now with the option of a non-laminated blade.  The choice between 12C27 and H3LS (laminated) all comes down to how...
HELLE NORWAY - Spire Knife in Dark Colored Birch
The Spire knife is small and has a blunt tip, but it still has a point to make. The Spire embodies all the classic features of a full-grown knife in a small package. Designed with the intention to be used by...
Helle Norway- Nying Knife NO. 55
The Nying is a Helle classic, short and stubby. The handle is generously proportioned to give a good grip even when your hands are cold. The attractive leather sheath has a distinctive cutout. It is fitted with a keeper strap,...
HELLE NORWAY - Kletten Knife in Kebony
The Helle Kletten K 662K is a compact bushcraft pocket knife. The blade is enhanced with a scandi-grind, perfect for wood work. With a 5.4 cm blade you won't baton large blocks of wood. Detailed wood carving and other small bushcraft tasks,...
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