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FRENCH BROAD- Chai Masala Milk Chocolate
We love to collaborate with fellow makers in Asheville, like the folks at Spicewalla, who import vibrant spices and blend them in the same maker space as our chocolate factory. Spicewalla is the latest brainchild of Meherwan Irani, whose Indian...
FRENCH BROAD- Chai Masala Milk Sipping Chocolate
Crafted with the mind-blasting Chai Masala spice blend from our fellow Asheville makers at Spicewalla, our Chai Masala Milk Sipping Chocolate marries our creamy brown butter milk chocolate with black tea and warming spices. Made with the finest direct-trade cacao,...
FRENCH BROAD- Dark Milk Chocolate
Until recently, dark chocolate and milk chocolate did not really hang out in the same cliques. Chocolate connoisseurs turned their noses up at the candy-like approach to most milk chocolates, while those with a sweet tooth found dark chocolate too...
FRENCH BROAD- Nicaragua Dark Chocolate
On February 29, 2012, two cacao enthusiasts founded Cacao Bisiesto; hence the name (Bisiesto is Spanish for "leap year"). Giff, an ex-Peace Corps expatriate, and Jose Enrique, a Nicaraguan cacao agronomist, live in the Matagalpa region of Nicaragua, where Criollo...
FRENCH BROAD- Malted Milk Chocolate
Asheville has won national attention for its thriving craft beer scene, boasting more breweries per capita than almost any other U.S. city. Rising up to support this industry is a new kind of malt house, one that provides locally-farmed, artisan...
FRENCH BROAD- Brown Butter Milk Chocolate
We have fond memories of eating chocolate as kids: Indulging in s’mores around the campfire; sipping hot chocolate with marshmallows after sledding on a snow day; sorting Halloween candy with our friends after trick-or-treating. All of these nostalgic experiences revolved...
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