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AMEN- Rose Gold Heart Earrings
Sterling Silver Heart Lobe Earrings in Rose
AMEN- Dangling Cross Earrings
Sterling silver pendant earrings with Crosses
AMEN- Pave Cross Ring
Rhodium Pave Cross  USA 7 3/4 - European 16 
AMEN- Cross Ring- Rose
Sterling Silver Cross Ring in Rose Size 7
AMEN- Sterling Silver Cross Ring- Rose
Sterling Silver Cross Ring in Rose Gold USA 5 1/4 - European 10
Call Angel Catcher Long Necklaces
Chiama Angeli / Call Angels - "angel catcher" A pendant designed to protect pregnant women and their babies. The Pearl makes a soft chiming noise during movement which is soothing to the baby. After birth, the chime becomes a familiar...
Bracelet "I Love You" Ebony
Bracelet I love you in ebony AG 925 rhodium Diam. 6 cm Article accompanied by the shopper, box and warranty
AMEN- Lord's Prayer Rings
Sterling Silver Ring Engraved with the Lord's Prayer in Italian or Latin Available sizes: 9 1/4 Prayer in Italian - Padre Nostro, che sei nei cieli, Sia santificato il tuo nome. Venga il tuo regno, Sia fatta la tua volontá, Come in cielo, così...
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