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CASTILLO - The Navaja Knife in Coastal Blue Micarta (Jute)
The Navaja knife pattern is one of the oldest still in production. Translating to “razor”, our interpretation of the Navaja is a scaled down version of the classic multi-purpose knife. The straight back blade is a simple “do-all” blade style,...
CASTILLO - The Listo Knife in Chili Red Micarta
The Listo knife fits beautifully in the hand. Translating to “ready”, it is a knife that is at the ready for all of the day's tasks while being compact and easy to carry. The gimping (grooves) on the blade top...
CASTILLO - The Muralla Knife in Twilight Blue (Linen)
Muralla means “rampart,” which are the defensive walls that surround a castle. This crucial fortification element is what inspired the jimping on the spine of this modified spear point blade. The Muralla is a stout everyday knife which feels great...
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