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Helle GT is a longtime favorite and has been in the Helle line since 1997. It has a big fanbase in many parts of the world for its characteristic look mixed with traditional Scandinavian knife design. The GT has a...
HELLE NORWAY - Arv Knife in Curly Birch, Staghorn, and Leather
The Arv knife is worthy of its name and heritage. In Norwegian, the name means inheritance – truly appropriate for a treasured item to be passed down for generations. Just like the methods used in its making. Arv is a versatile,...
HELLE NORWAY - Skog in Beechwood
Helle Skog is a modern take on a classic carving knife and a step-in knife to start enjoy the relaxation when creating something from a piece of wood. Wood carving has become more and more popular in an increasingly frantic...
HELLE- 1300 Temagami 14C28N
The 2022 version of the classic Helle Temagami comes with 14C28N stainless steel – more suited to how this knife is mostly used. Using a non-laminated steel also allows a 90-degree sharp spine right out of the box. A sharp...
HELLE- 75 Eggen H3LS
Eggen has a beautiful handle, crafted out of one piece of selected curly birch, sanded and polished to a satin finish. The well-shaped handle finishes off towards the blade with a well-proportioned finger guard for safety. The triple laminated stainless-steel...
HELLE- Gaupe 12C27 Knife
In 2022 we added a new version of the classic Gaupe knife. Equally beautiful and balanced as its sibling with a 12C27. Named after the Norwegian name for Lynx, this knife has somewhat the same characters. Really beautiful to look...
LAGUIOLE - Durand Folding Knife in Ebony Wood
Laguiole Honoré Durand (pronounced "Leg Oil On Er Re Durand") is a family-run company located in the village of Laguiole, France where they have been operating for the last 30 years. The Laguiole region is famous for a knife making...
HELLE NORWAY - Alden Knife in Curly Birch
Alden is a mid-size knife with a secure grip for daily tasks. Named after the dramatic and historic island Alden. A landmark with historic value and still used by fishermen and travelers finding their way back from the big ocean for thousands...
HELLE NORWAY - Kletten Knife in Kebony
The Helle Kletten K 662K is a compact bushcraft pocket knife. The blade is enhanced with a scandi-grind, perfect for wood work. With a 5.4 cm blade you won't baton large blocks of wood. Detailed wood carving and other small bushcraft tasks,...
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