When a brand has roots that stem from deep European tradition, it’s natural to expect products that are high-quality and exceptionally designed. Dating back to watchmaking in the 19th century, Chopard’s legacy started humbly in Switzerland. As the family company grew to include other products in their catalog, luxury eyewear was a natural fit.

Crafting distinct men’s and women’s sunglass lines takes an immense amount of time and effort, particularly when Chopard Eyewear incorporates the level of detail so often seen on their other fine items. Featuring precious materials and polarized lenses, purchasing Chopard glasses frames is truly an investment that will last a lifetime.

Ladies can choose from feminine and elegant styles while the men’s collection is a bit more sporty and sophisticated. No matter how many Chopard glasses frames you currently have in your personal collection, there’s always room for a timeless and luxurious frame from the Chopard Eyewear line-up.