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Yellow Gold Tassel Necklace
14K Yellow Gold Necklace w/ Geometric Pendant and Tassel
Yellow Gold Station Necklace
14K Yellow Gold Cable w/ Shiny and D/C Station 36" Necklace
Uneven 8 Earrings
Uneven 8 Earrings 14K Diamond Cut  Drop Earrings
Two Tone 3-D Open Cross with Christ
Two Tone 3-D Open Cross with Christ 14kt (Pendant Only)
LUKA GOLD- Solid Mariner Chain
14kt Solid Mariner chain 100 4.35mm 24" CUXR 161 FR-TVPC100-24LC
LUKA GOLD- Round Box Hollow Chain
Round Box Semi Hollow 22" Chain  11.6gr CGRXAD-RBX27-22
LUKA GOLD- Palm DC Chain
14kt SQ Palm DC Chain (Hollow DC Sq Wheat) 22" CRGU 252 MI-PMT4-035-22
Mens PC NK CODU 3130 22" #528690  HM-HON8995-22
LUKA GOLD- Cross "Faith" Pendant
14kt TT Cross "Faith"  245CNHX #717107 HM-TP201603

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